A Place for Africa and the Diaspora of Africa


This website is for Black owned businesses in Africa and the Diasporan of Africa to do business. If you have a business you want to promote or work with get in touch with us. Our goal is to list the companies that want to work together on this website.

lets build together the time is NOW!

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Another big part of this website will be to find funding or your business. People who want to do business in Africa or other countries like the United States

What Technical skills do you have

it's time to change

My goal is to change the way we look at the world. We are the largest population of people and it’s time we are no longer just consumers of other people products, let build our own and change the script.

This is a great time to change our story

It’s time we change the our own story quit being a 100 percent consumer of other peoples products and let start creating and selling our own products in our community. You create it we purchase it, we can do this ourselves. If you are interested and this sounds like something you want to get involved with email me at Dion@Africanlists.com

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